Ah, another sinner.
Why hello there little teacup!
It seems you've fallen quite far.
But not down any rabbit hole I'd know.
You're in the one and only Devil's Carnival!
I'm Alice. The Carnival's little rabbit.
If you follow me, I can get you out of trouble.
If you break the rules, I'll be there for you. No torture.
Just follow me and we'll play together!
{ Oc for The Devil's Carnival. I will multiverse! I'd love to roleplay with you so please don't be shy or paranoid when around me! I'll roleplay with anyone! My faceclaim is Florence Welch. }
Down you fell

{ isithotenoughforyounow } has fallen down, down, down, to The Devil’s Carnival! 

"Gretel! Hello, darling! Your brother - you know, the one who murdered you - is currently in a meeting with the Dark Lord but he’ll be back in a bit!"